Cambodia is known rich in culture which has been there for a very long time. This is a big part in defining its identity for being a magnificient country.

Cambodia National Flag

There were different flags used as the national flag of Cambodia since 1863. The Cambodian flag has three stripes and the middle one is larger than the blue ones which are at the top and the bottom. However, the middle stripe is red with the Angkor Wat in the middle of the flag.


The Sampeah is a Cambodian traditionally greeting style or way of showing respect. While performing the salutation or mutual recognition “Sampeah”, people have to raise both hands, places our palms together in the lotus-like fashion while bowing slightly. The word often spoken with the Sampeah when greeting to somebody is Chumreap Suor, while Chumreap Lea is spoken when saying goodbye.

Krama (Khmer Scarf)

Kramar is a sturdy traditional Cambodian garment and signifies the Khmer cultural identity with many daily-life uses and ornate by all segments and religions.