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IntoCambodia.org is dedicated to the conveyance of Cambodia-Culture, Tradition, Tourist Destinations, Food, and so on - that aim to inspire local people and foreigners to value and get deeper understanding by offering meaningful and useful information related to this country.

Cambodia is a small country with a very long history. It was a big empire located in the Indochina region. Like many other countries in the world, it has been through so many ups and downs. It was a strong country with its own traditions and cultures. Unfortunately, the Great Khmer has also been through a lot of conflicts and wars that destroyed a lot of great assets it had built.

We started as intocambodia.com in 2012 and turn into intocambodia.org in 2021. A lot of researches have been done to gather together the many things we have lost and fallen into pieces. The world might have forgotten about this or even get confused about who we are and what we have. Therefore, we hope this website will evolve and become a well-documented source of information that can be trusted.

We provide meaningful and useful sources and information with a focus on promoting and disseminating Cambodia to the world. We are doing our best to have as much information about Cambodia as possible. We do hope this can become a useful source for you in some ways.

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