National Symbol

There are many forms of identities for each country to distinguish one from another. Cambodia also does the same and consists of 7 national symbols for flower, mammal, tree, fruit, fish, reptile and bird.

Romduol Flower (Metralla mesnyi): The National Flower of Cambodia

Romduol, a small yellowish-white flower, is the national flower of the Kingdom of Cambodia via the proclamation of a royal decree by King Sihamoni of Cambodia in 2005. The Khmer common name is “Romduol” and it has a scientific name “Metralla mesnyi”.

Kouprey (Wild Ox): The National Mammal of Cambodia

The Koupreys “Grey ox” is a little-known, forest dwelling, wild bovine species from Southeast Asia. Koupreys is a species of mammal that is identified as a symbol for the Cambodian nation and it is a rare animal in the world.

Tror Yorng (Giant Ibis): The National Bird of Cambodia

Giant Ibis (Tror Yorng) is a species of bird that is identified as a symbol for the Cambodian nation. The adults have overall dark grayish-brown plumage with a naked, greyish head and upper neck. There are dark bands across the back of the head and shoulder area and the pale silvery-grey wing tips also have black crossbars. The beak is yellowish-brown, the legs are orange, and the eyes are dark red. This is the largest of the world’s ibises. Adults are reportedly 102-106 cm long, with an upright standing height of up to 100 cm and are estimated to weigh about 4.2 kg.

Royal Turtle: The National Reptile of Cambodia

Royal Turtle is reptile that represents of Khmer culture and also known as "Arn Derk SorSai" or "Arn Derk Loung" in Khmer, as well as the English name Royal Turtle and the scientific name "Batagur baska". It has white eyes, straight up nose-shaped, 60 cm length black or grey shell, and only four toes which differ from general turtle with five toes as human. Its front legs are big and have a contiguous skin similar to duck leg. In ancient times, it had a history protected by a royal decree and considered it as the royal dynasty property in Cambodia.

Chek Pong Moin (Musa Aromatic): The National Fruit of Cambodia

The National fruit of Cambodia is Chicken egg banana. The banana is regarded as the national fruit of Cambodia among the most other valuable plants and provides many benefits to society same as a palm tree and Rumdoul flower.

Giant Mekong Barb: The National Fish of Cambodia

Giant barb or Trei Kol Raing is the largest species of cyprinid in the world. These migratory fish are found only in the Mae Klong, Mekong, and Chao Phraya river basins in Indochina. It has declined drastically due to habitat loss and overfishing, and it is now considered critically endangered. 

Palm Tree (Borassus flabellifer): The National Tree of Cambodia

Palm Tree is a kind of plant that has widely grown in Cambodia since long time ago. Palm tree, commonly known as Borassus flabellifer in scientific name and in Khmer called “Tnaot”, is native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Lao, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.  

National Flag of Cambodia

One of Cambodia's national symbols is a flag. The Khmer national flag consists of 2 colors in a horizontal line, including blue and red. There are blue colors both on top and below the bands as well as red in the middle. Furthermore, a white Angkor Wat temple stands in the middle of the band, covered by the red band. Cambodia started to call it the Khmer flag in 1993. It was the time that the flag of Cambodia was formally recognized by Cambodian governments and citizens.