Khmer Ox Cart

Transportation has always played a significant role in human's life not only in the modern society but also in the ancient time. With sweeping technological changes, transportation is one of the main factors of each country because people have to move from place to place. 
Khmer Ox Cart
Khmer Ox Cart

In the past time, ox cart was the only transportation means used by Cambodians since the reign of King Jayavarman VII. You can find some stone carving of ox cart on the wall of many temples in Siem Reap province. From this, we can see that ox cart was used since the Angkor era. Ox carts were used for the army purpose to transport weapons and fighting during wars. While people used ox cart to transport products and foods to different places around the village within the Kingdom. The Oxcart is made of wood with 4 meters long and 1.73 meters wide and set on to 16-spoked wooden wheels 1.24 meters high. That is why Oxcart can be used on the n=muddy road. 

Nowadays, since the technology has been remarkably improving, ox cart is replaced by many kinds of transportation means such as plane, car, truck, etc. However, oxcart is now used only in some parts of the remote areas in the country and for tourism purposes. For instance, in Siem Reap province, ox cart are used to transport tourists which they can spend one or two hours riding on the to experience this century-old traditional way of transportation and discover the magnificent temples around the area. From generations to generations, ox cart is still here shinning to the population to just remind the next generation about the Khmer culture. Visit Cambodia then you can try this Eco-friendly transport. 




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