Romduol Flower (Metralla mesnyi): The National Flower of Cambodia

Romduol, a small yellowish-white flower, is the national flower of the Kingdom of Cambodia via the proclamation of a royal decree by King Sihamoni of Cambodia in 2005. The Khmer common name is “Romduol” and it has a scientific name “Metralla mesnyi”.

Romduol Flower (Metralla mesnyi): The National Flower of Cambodia
Romduol Flower (Metralla mesnyi): The National Flower of Cambodia

When you enter Cambodia for the first time, you are immediately captivated by a flurry of life and vigor. As someone who has not seen much of Southeast Asia before, it may be overwhelming at first that the sensation of being immersed in a whole new culture is indescribable.

People who visit Cambodia realize they are in Asia right away because of the things that make the country unique. When you dive in more profoundly, you may be curious about what makes Cambodia so fantastic.

When asked to name Cambodia's symbols, the majority of people automatically recall the Angkor Wat temple. For such an iconic landmark, it's hard not to think about the beautiful carvings and precise design that take you back in time. Here are the seven official symbols, including flowers, trees, mammals, fish, fruits, birds, and reptiles, making Cambodia distinct from other countries.

Learn more about the Rumduol flower in this post, which will be elaborated on more in detail. This Cambodian national flower is so distinctive and aromatic that it has appeared in numerous Cambodian poetic works.

What is Cambodia's National Flower? Understanding To Nature of Rumduol Flower Plant

Mitrella mesnyi is a common synonym for Sphaerocoryne affinis, which is another name for Rumduol flowers. If you are planning to have an Indochina trip, you may stop and take in the splendor of these Khmer flowers.  It's only fitting that Rumduol has a beautiful figure and significance as a national flower to the Cambodians.

Rumduol flowers, which some people call Mitrella mesnyi (notable synonyms as Sphaerocoryne affinis), are grown across Cambodia. You can easily admire the beauty of these Khmer flowers while having an Indochina tour. Being the national flower, the Rumduol flower must have remarkable beauty and an important place in the daily life of the Cambodian people.

In 2005, King Sihamoni of Cambodia issued a Royal Decree proclaiming Rumduol, a little pale yellow bloom, as the Cambodian national flower. In addition,  "Metralla mesnyi" is the technical term for what is commonly known as "Rumduol" in Cambodian dialects.

Stem and Leaf

When grown in full bloom, the average Rumduol plant may reach heights between 8 and 15 meters. The stem's yellowish-brown bark is quite visible. Look at its leaf, it is a sole alternation with no spurs. You can imagine the size of this long-flat leaf is the multiplication between 2-4 cm and 6-10 cm measurement.


Rumduol blooms are light-skinned in color and release a long-lasting scent between afternoon and evening. It's no surprise that Rumduol, standing as a national flower, is adored by the citizens of the country. This beautiful flower has a simple but striking beauty, with a blossom that seems spherical and dense with three petals stretched out and three curving inside, giving it a pleasant symmetry.


Once the flower reaches maturity, the Rumduol fruit acquires a rich dark red hue. To earn a livelihood from these Rumduol fruits harvesting, a large number of people go out to the fields to gather the luscious and pungent berries and distribute them to the market.

On top of that, there are Rumduol trees everywhere around Cambodia, and you can easily find them. Make sure that you can taste this delicious fruit if you are ever on a Cambodian vacation. Then, you may learn to appreciate it as much as the Cambodians.

What Makes This Cambodian National Flower Different?

The fragrance from the Rumduol flower can be carried vast miles by the wind and becomes more potent at night, making it stand out from other types of incense.

For centuries, Khmer ladies have been described as the Rumduol flower, which has an alluring scent and a graceful elegance. They have an enticing smell and constantly seem to be buoyant, energetic, and possess an exquisite beauty that extends well beyond the superficial.

Benefits of Using Ruomduol – Flowers of Cambodia 


Kramuon Rumduol is the wax used for lips that have fragrance for ladies and gets its name from the old Khmer practice of using the flowers' aromatic perfume for manufacturing the wax. Moreover, in ancient times, the blossom of this plant may have been used to embellish women's hair and create a hairstyle.

Essential Oil

You can detect Rumduol's enticing aroma although it is a few kilometers away. To manufacture aromatherapy plus with essential oils, producers need to dry out and ground Rumduol flowers into a powdered form.


Tree trunks also offer firewood and basic wood that people are using to create homes, boats, and other structures in their everyday lives.

Traditional Medicine

You may be surprised that we can use flowers to cure dizziness and blood pressure. Its bark can stop your fever, according to Cambodian widely-practiced traditional medicine in the countryside.

Decoration Items

You may find decorative goods in the form of a "Rumduol Flower," like jewelry and marketing materials such as banners, posters, and venue decoration.

Rumduol Flower is Widely Spread Out To Various Aspects 

Fruit Sales For Living

During Rumduol fruit maturation season, individuals who live near the forest are constantly picking fruits from Rumduol flowers to trade for a livelihood.

Names of Places Are Attached With This Cambodia Flower

Rumduol is a word that appears in the identities of many locations in Cambodia. For example, Prey Veng province's Romdoul District and Battambang province's Ou Rumduol commune.

Song and Literature

Rumduol flower is a prominent topic in Khmer art and literature because of its strong aroma and rustic texture.

Song titles like Rumduol Pursat and Rumduol Kratie are the creations of Cambodian authors.

The earthy elegance in Rumduol's color is less striking than the colors of some other flowers, yet it may make a lasting memory for those who see it.

Decoration in Public Places

If you're looking for Rumduols, there is a high chance that their smell will allow you to find them before you get to see them. They may be commonly grown in public places like streets and parks as well as private gardens and establishments like bars and hotels. 

As a consequence, the Rumduol trees are popular among local people as a means of ornamentation in public spaces and private residences.

Why Rumduol is The National Flower of Cambodia?

Cambodians love Rumduol because it embodies their citizens' welcoming and cheerful attitude. With some knowledge of its rich and fascinating background, you will learn to appreciate the Cambodian people's cheerful and positive outlook and appreciate why they chose a simple but powerfully fragrant bloom to stand as a national flower.

Once you get to realize Rumduol, you will see that they are precisely like Cambodians in that they are outgoing in appearance yet refined on the inside.

According to a Royal decree promulgated by King Sihamoni, the Rumduol flower became the country's official national flower in 2005. The state has also designated this blossom as an environmental protection symbol.