Sdech Jang Game (King Game)

Sdech Jang or King Game is a game that boys, girls, or teenagers from every village all over Cambodia, always play during their free time at night time under the moonlight. Players have too many male and female players which unlimited. When playing, they are divided into two groups, one male, and one female. In both groups, they set up a male or a female as a king to sit in the center.
Sdech Jang Game (King Game)
Sdech Jang Game (King Game)

The playing activities as follows:

While the king was sitting on a suitable place, a female side lets a girl walk to whisper to the king that she loves this name of male side, for example, name A or name B. After whisper, she turns back to her own spot. The male side also let one man goes to the king. If the man who came and didn’t match with the name of the previous whisper of female, it was nothing happen. But if that man came in the name of girl whispering, the king shouted in sound “Eav…Eav” and let that girl riding on the back of the boy, then walk to the boy side. Then, the man side lets a man whisper and if he whispers that he loves a girl named A and goes back to his spot. If a girl named A comes in, the king shouted in sound “Eav…Eav” and let the boy ride on the woman with screaming the same “Eav…Eav”. So it means that, if each side comes to whisper that they love the man or woman named A and named B turns to the king, the king will not let the whisper ride on and tell the whisper to turn back his spot, and he will turn aside to whisper. And, they keep doing this way until night.

The king is to judge the matter with the truth and justice. This game depends on the king’s way. If the king has bias mind and wants anyone to ride on beside the name that was a whisper. For example, if a person comes to whisper named A and named B to walk in, the King could shout “Eav…Eav” due to the last one have heard the previous one whisper to love any names. But if there is such a way of playing, players can protest and ask them to change the king if the king plays without truth and justice.

This game is not only a fun game but also a game that trains people to be honest and justice, not to be rational (bias) in four different ways such: Prejudice because of love or desire; Prejudice because of hatred or enmity; Prejudice because of fear; Prejudice because of delusion or stupidity. In addition, training people to be able to choose someone to be their representative, whom they think is a good person, right person, and a person that work well in a true way.




- ក្រុមជំនុំទំនៀមទំលាប់ (ចាប ពិន, ពេជ្រ សល់, លី ធាមតេង, ស្តើង ធូរ, ចាប នូ៖ជាងគំនូរ)
១៩៦៤, ល្បែងប្រជាប្រិយខ្មែរ, ល្បែងស្តេចចង់ ឬអៀវ, ទំព័រទី០១-០៣, ការផ្សាយរបស់ពុទ្ធសាសនបណ្ឌិត្យ, ភ្នំពេញ