Leak Kon Saeng (Scarf Hidden Game)

Leak Kon Saeng or Scarf Hidden Game is a kind of game that ancient Khmer children are often played as a recreation during the night time (under the moonlight), in Khmer New Year season, or in between their free time.
Leak Kon Saeng (Scarf Hidden Game)
Leak Kon Saeng (Scarf Hidden Game)

Initially, the children encountered between 6 to 7 people to sit around in the circular motion, put both hands on the knees at the blank field with plain terrace. Then, they take a little towel or scarf to wrap around and tighten it a bit tight in order to easily hold it. It called “Kon Saeng”. After that, the last player holds a scarf tied with a big knot at the end and circles the outside of the circle (in Khmer called “Nak Leak or Nak Kan Kon Saeng”) while the seated players sing this song: Lek Kon Saeng Olok! Olok!. The works in English are “Mark it with the scarf and the cat grabs your ankle”. And dropping or hiding the towel behind one of the seated people without let them know about the hiding.

This game has a tight norm that the player cannot turn back or put their hand backward. If anyone turns his or her back on the hiding, the Nak Kan Kon Saeng (circled player) has the right to punish someone who commits wrong to the norm by not giving up the towel or letting them sit with the eye-closed and to be punished according to his or her own will. While Nak Kan Kon Saeng was running two or three rounds of seated players, he or she will notice only those seated players who were sitting without concentration and put the towel behind him or her immediately and quickly circle the seated players to find the place where the towel is placed. If you are the one who with the towel hiding behind and you do not know it, and Nak leak has arrived and grabbed it first. Nak Leak will be the winner and take the towel to knock off your back with a circling run and continue the game. But if seated players realize that Nak leak is hiding behind his or her back and grab the towel and try to hit the player next door.

This game is played to developed a sense of urgency, to be wise, to practice routine, and to keep alert.




១៩៦៤, ល្បែងប្រជាប្រិយខ្មែរ, ល្បែងលាក់កន្សែង, ទំព័រទី១៦-១៨, ការផ្សាយរបស់ពុទ្ធសាសនបណ្ឌិត្យ, ភ្នំពេញ
ក្រុមជំនុំទំនៀមទំលាប់ (ចាប ពិន, ពេជ្រ សល់, លី ធាមតេង, ស្តើង ធូរ, ចាប នូ៖ជាងគំនូរ)