The Rolling Rice Paper

Rice Paper in Cambodian is made in Battambang province located northwest of Cambodia. The province is known for the rice bowl of the Kingsom; therefore, the supply of rice is enough for the making of rice paper. Natives of Battambang cook the rice paper by using the steamer which is traditionally made of Cambodian buffalo skin while now villagers only use clothes steamer, where the rice bran is flattering over boiling water. The hard buffalo skin which helps to protect the small grains of rice from getting burned.
The Rolling Rice Paper
The Rolling Rice Paper

Grinding rice in a wet grinder to make rice flour paste. The upper grinding wheel is fixed whilst the lower grinding wheel is driven by a small petrol engine. Laying out circles of rice paper to dry in the sun. 

After the rice crepe is being dried on the bamboo airing tray under the sun until it becomes crisp which means that the villagers are really depending on the sunny weather which is the only way to perfectly usually used in preparing vegetable rolls (summer rolls) or fried spring rolls which is favorite food here in Cambodia.  




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