Krob Moin or Chicken Hiding Game

Krob Moin game is an entertaining game for teenagers both male and female from all over Cambodia, often play in the free time at night. Players consist of male and female about 8 to 10 people on each side. For playing the game, they will choose one male and one female from both sides, covering them by skirt, scarf or blanket from hair to toe. But, do not let them know who they are and let the two face each other, man represent a male chick and woman represent a female chick.

Krob Moin or Chicken Hiding Game © Buddhist Institute 1964
Krob Moin or Chicken Hiding Game © Buddhist Institute 1964

After covering, they will let the male side knocked on the back of female chick and female chick have to shout on in sound “Kik Ke Ké Kert” with trying to make a distinctive voice. But if the tune did not hear enough, they could knock three times. Then, the male players listen to the voice of the female chick, and they guessed the name of the woman they knew. After answering the name, they opened their lid, and if it was right they will keep the female chick at their side. Then the female side knocks on the male chick once and the male chick acts the same thing as the female does. The women listened to the voice of the male chick, and they were guessed by the names of the known men if the female predicted right. They take the female chick which they have taken, and if they predicted wrong the male side will take away another one from the female side.

If you have the more right prediction, you will get more chicks and vice versa. They do this until one side loses all their chicks or one side that have more chicks in their side, they considered as a winner and start to play again. They always do this until they want to stop. This game is a fun game for teenagers and also train the human mind, thinking, listening skill.